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Understanding events at Liverpool

Posted by Ed Thompson on Thursday, May 24, 2012,

Understanding events at Liverpool 24 May 2012

It has been a fairly eventful couple of weeks at Liverpool and a number of pundits have expressed their surprise at how a manager that has reached two cup finals could be sacked.  To understand the situation, a good place to start is with the club accounts. 

Firstly, I should direct readers to Swiss Ramble's excellent blog where he covers Liverpool's finances in his usual superb manner. By using the club accounts, Swiss Ramble's analysis and my work...

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Will City pass the FFP test? Part 2

Posted by Ed Thompson on Thursday, May 17, 2012,
This is the second half of an article, to see the first part click here.


Note 1: Gate Receipts

Although there is a limit to the growth potential of ticket sales, I have assumed a 10% year on year increase in Gate Receipts (additional Champions League Gate Receipts are shown separately in Note 3).

Note 2: TV Media

City's TV and Merit payment details are as follows.

TV/Media/Merit Payment

TV/Media/Merit Payment55.260.660.6
Domestic Cups8.628.6
Europa League*5  

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Will City pass the FFP test? Part 1

Posted by Ed Thompson on Thursday, May 17, 2012,

Following the dramatic events at the Etihad, I have received lots of interest from people asking the same question: “Will City pass the Financial Fair Play test?”  To answer this question you need to make a large number of assumptions about the club’s footballing and financial performance.  The assumptions that I have used are outlined in the Notes section but in summary they include the following main assumptions:

  • City continue their success and win the Premier League, FA Cup and reach ...

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Football Financing in the Premier League

Posted by Ed Thompson on Friday, May 11, 2012,

Now that all clubs have finally published their accounts for last season (Liverpool being the laggards), UK newspapers are starting to produce their analysis of the finances of the Premier League clubs. 

Matt Scott in the Telegraph produced an in-depth analysis of club accounts, including net transfer spending (something that isn't easily identifiable).  It is highly recommended.

James Lawton in the Independent wrote a very interesting article about the lack of governance in the Premier League ...

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Falling Euro makes it harder for English clubs to pass FFP test

Posted by Ed Thompson on Monday, May 7, 2012,

UEFA's Financial Fair Play rules spell out how much a club is a able to lose and still comply with the FFP financial requirements.   The figures are all documented in Euros.  Clubs struggling to comply with the rules will have noticed that the falling Euro is making the task much more difficult.

The chart above shows how much the Euro has fallen since its July 2011 peak. The first and second Monitoring Period limits have fallen by almost £4.5m.

It remains to be seen whether UEFA will be lenien...

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The Bundesliga - a vision of the Premier League future?

Posted by Ed Thompson on Wednesday, May 2, 2012,

Although this site takes a generally positive view towards UEFA's Financial Fair Play rules, it is important to appreciate that the changes carry some risks for the Premier League.

Many journalists, fans and people working in football are concerned that UEFA's Financial Fair Play rules will reduce the excitement of the Premier League and that the larger clubs will dominate the domestic competitions. Martin Samuel from The Mail is one of the more outspoken critics of the rules, but he is certai...

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Fans may be kept in the dark over Football League FFP transfer embargoes

Posted by Ed Thompson on Tuesday, May 1, 2012,

The newly announced Championship and League 1 & 2 Financial Fair Play rules rely on the use of a 'transfer embargo' as the main sanction for overspending clubs in the Football League.  The first transfer bans for League 1 and 2 clubs under the new rules will commence from the start of next season (2012/13).  However the Football League have confirmed that fans may be kept in the dark about any transfer ban imposed on their team.

When contacted, the Football League explained that they have a 'l...
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