Platini discusses watered down punishments 15 Oct 2011
Although the UEFA rules on Financial Fair Play, quite clearly spell out the punishments for clubs which overspend (non-compliance=no licence to compete), Platini has this week discussed imposing lesser punishments for rogue clubs (see link below).  In the Der Spiegel interview Platini discussed 'a range of possible sanctions' with exclusion being one of them.  Interestingly, the concept of reduced punishments such as fining clubs and/or imposing a transfer ban were previously raised at the European Club Association (ECA) on 7 Sept by Financial Fair Play strugglers Inter (see article below). 

As the scale of FFP non-compliance is becoming apparent, Platini is clearly keen to ensure that the UEFA competitions are not devalued.  However, the alternatives to a UEFA ban are not trouble-free options; the imposition of a fine (or withholding UEFA prize money) would be self-fulfilling and result in the club being less likely to achieve the FFP criteria. The imposition of a transfer ban would result in some UEFA games where clubs would, with some justification, claim their opposition had fielded players who should not have been on the pitch.

The UEFA rules are pretty clear about the punishments. Attached is extract from page 14 in Chapter 3:

..the criteria defined in this chapter must be fulfilled by clubs in order for them to be granted a licence to enter the UEFA club competitions.

The rules then go on to list the situations where a ban would not apply (these are listed and include failure to have a supporter liaison officer or youth coaches). Failure to meet the the financial Break-Even criteria within FFP not listed as an exception.,1518,791235,00.html