Article published 17 Aug 2011
Privately, a number of sports and financial journalists believe some clubs will fail the meet the FFP criteria. However people are reluctant to puttheir heads over the parapet and say as-much publically.  Things are starting to change. In an article published by Reuters, Neil Patey from Ernst &Young (a former Abramovic adviser according to the Edinburgh Evening News) has stated publically that he expects some clubs to fail the FFP test. 

"If I was a betting man I would say one of the rich benefactor clubs will fail to meet the regulations first time around," said Neil Patey, a soccer industry adviser at global accountancy firm Ernst & Young. "I think there's a high chance Chelsea, Man City and Inter Milan will fail (to balance their books). If Barcelona and Manchester United failed, UEFA would find it difficult to not have them in European competition and I think UEFA arepraying that doesn't happen."