UEFA shelves Transfer Ban punishment 24 November 2011

The Telegraph published a significant FFP article which maintains that UEFA have had to withdraw one of the proposed punishments for exceeding the Break Even deficit. The use of a transfer ban was put forward as a favoured punishment at the ECA in September (see article below). However it appears such a ban would fail the EC's restraint-of-trade rules.  This seemingly leaves UEFA with only three options:

  1. Levy fines as a punishment (however the irony of being able to buy your way out of the Financial Fair Play requirements will not be lost on many UEFA members).
  2. Defer FFP until after Blatter retires from FIFA in 2015 and is replaced by Platini. 
  3. Impose UEFA competition bans on the worst FFP transgressors 

Of the three options, UEFA may decide to defer FFP implementation and punishment, citing the Eurozone/recession problems as the reason behind the delay.